Aquamarine Rings

The Beautiful and Vibrant Shades of Aquamarine Rings

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, you must be really familiar with the aquamarine rings. Well, who wouldn’t love these beautiful rings anyway? If you don’t know exactly about the aquamarines, it is better for you to read this brief article. To start with, aquamarine is one of the gemstones derived from the mineral beryl. The color of aquamarine ranges from pale to blue green to deep blue. You may be spotting several similarities between aquamarine and emerald. Well it is only because the both gems are derived from the mineral beryl.

Aquamarine Rings or Emerald Rings?

Aquamarine RingsWell, this must be a really tough question to answer because it is hard to choose aquamarine or emerald. As a matter of fact, the both of them are rare and gorgeous. Moreover, they also share some resemblances. Therefore, it is tougher to choose one of them. Regardless of those resemblances, there are also some differences between aquamarine and emerald. So, if you happen to be confused about choosing one of them, this following information may help you out.

  • The Difference between Aquamarine Rings and Emerald Rings

Apart from the fact that aquamarine and emerald share some resemblances; there are actually some significant differences between them. One of the most obvious differences between aquamarine and emerald is that aquamarine lacks of flaws. Well, you know that emerald is not that flawless. As a matter of fact, emerald cracks very easily. On the other hand, aquamarine is more durable and doesn’t crack easily. Therefore, the emerald requires delicate care to remain intact. This may mean that choosing aquamarine rings over emerald rings is a good deal because aquamarine carries more qualities.

  • Aquamarine Rings Are More Durable

Basically, gemstones derived from beryl are durable. However, some of them require delicate treatment because heat and pressure cause internal cracking in the gem very quickly, like in the emerald diamond ring. In the meantime, aquamarine rings are really durable because these don’t have these pressure and heat problems. It can be concluded that aquamarine is just naturally flawless. Therefore, if you are looking for engagement rings with great, gorgeous, and durable gemstones, it is better for you to choose an aquamarine engagement ring. You may choose the pave diamond rings setting to beautify your aquamarine ring.

Buying Aquamarine Rings for Engagement

Aquamarine RingsEven though there is a wide selection of engagement ring, sometimes it is a bit challenging to find the perfect one. However, if you are looking for a great ring with really gorgeous gem, it seems that aquamarine rings can seal the deal. Since aquamarine is a rare and unique gem, the price of an aquamarine ring is relatively pricey.

  • Precious and Dark Aquamarine Rings Price Range

In terms of price range, it is actually determined by the quality of the aquamarine and the surrounding diamonds accented on the ring. For example, if you can afford the most precious dark aquamarine, you have to pay at least $400 per carat. Well, actually the price for dark aquamarine ring ranges from $400 to $1.000 per carat. Even though it is really pricey, it is still worth every penny because the beauty is worth it.

  • Price Range for Lighter and Medium Aquamarine Rings

Unlike the dark and precious aquamarine, the price of lighter and medium aquamarine can drop significantly. You can actually buy the lightest aquamarine ring for $100 or less. Therefore, if you want to buy a more affordable aquamarine ring, you may choose the lighter and medium ones because they are more affordable. In fact, there are many jewelry stores offering a wide range of light and medium aquamarine rings which are still beautiful.